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Martin//MCMLXXXIX//Bassist//In Love//Audio Production grad//gypsy


I live for love, music, decorating myself and having a FUCKING good time.

My incredible girlfriend means the world to me.


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Apr 15 2014

CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings

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The internet can be brutal


The internet can be brutal

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Apr 13 2014
Apr 11 2014

What a glorious, sunny day!

And I’ve got to fucking sleep through it.

Apr 8 2014

New flat and no internet for a week!! D:

Being a grown up is daft and water is expensive :P

Apr 7 2014
Apr 6 2014

Staying alive’s as good as it gets.

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The Defiled - The Ressurectionists

Apr 5 2014

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